Heinchess took Bayern and expensive presents were not late (photos)

football picks Being a player of the Bayern Munich team certainly has a lot of extra benefits, and the Audi car maker makes them even more enjoyable.Traditionally this week the German team has given every Bavarian team a brand new car of their choice for the next 12 months.
The partnership between the team and the company based in Ingolstadt dates back to a long time, and the tradition of the annual gift is from 2002, or else -for the 15th season in the Bundesliga.

Like last year, the Audi RS6 Avant is again the most desirable model, with Mats Hummel, Jerome Boateng and Tiha Alcantara among its new owners.Secondly, Q7 is preferred, along with the SQ7 TDI diesel monster, wished by Thomas Muller and Frank Ribery.
Bayern`s new manager, Jup Hainkes, who has not yet had an official match predicted by blog of football picks to head the team after his return last week, received his first gift.He chose a quick SUV model - SQ5, while Felix Goetze made the most modest choice with the A3 Sportback.

Season 2016/17 champions in Germany went to the Audi factory in Ingolstadt, which is actually the second largest in Europe, and from which in 2016 exactly 592,337 cars were produced.

The event, organized at Audi`s home, was also a perfect opportunity to showcase the new A8, already available in Europe with a V6 engine.

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