Lopethegy: It was not easy, but the important thing is that we won

football picks Spain`s winner Yule Lopethei was pleased with the 1-0 victory over Israel in the last World Cup qualifying match. The meeting was irrelevant, as La Fouria had already secured the World Cup. That is what allowed the mentor to do some experiments with the composition. I do not agree with the claim that some players are not at the right level. Otherwise, I would not call them. We knew we were facing a tough game against a hyper-motivated team. They played well in the first half and made it hard for us. When you do not score an early goal, things get complicated. It was not easy, but the important thing is that we took the three points. I congratulate the players for the brilliant way we got to the World Cup. Once we were qualified, we could have experimented in this game, Lopeggi said. He was also asked what his expectations are for the upcoming World Cup: there will be many strong teams with many qualities. I can not distinguish only one. I expect it to be quite difficult. I`m sure our stream will be tough, whether we`re a group leader. If I had this power I would want to be in the first urn. Whether or not we will be, however, does not matter. I know the band will be heavy and we will play every match by football livescores as if it were the last one, `added the Spanish coach.

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