Critics to Zidane from the media in Madrid for Asensio

football picks The Madrid media have voiced criticism of Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane as regards his choice of head coach in recent matches. This time, the focus of discontent comes from Marco Asensio`s late betting amongst the starting eleven.

Although it is the second-highest result predicted by football predictions in the six-goal team, Asencio has begun with the first referee only in 53% of his matches this season, or 9 out of 17. For comparison, Cristiano Ronaldo has been the titular in ten of 12(83%), Karim Benzema - in ten out of 11 (91%), Gareth Bale - in eight out of nine (89%) and in Isco - in 14 out of 16 (88%). Asensoo has just once been the champion in two consecutive games, so he can not take advantage of his good form and accumulate a gaming beat. And it happened against Aubar for the championship and then against the Fuenlabrada for the King`s Cup, then scored in both matches. He has a total of 38 appearances on his account, but only 19 were among the holders, the AC newspaper writes. The same edition suggests that Zidane will bet on a brand new squad against Las Palmas compared to Tottenham`s disappointing 1: 3 defeat in the Champions League - besides Asencio, the first minute will be Theo Hernandez, Marcos Yorante, Danny Sebayos, Nacho Fernandez and Jesse Vaieho.

`The White Ballet` takes Las Palmas on Sunday at 21:45 at an 11th round of the Primera Division.

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