Pogba`s punishment may be even worse

football picks The red card that Paul Pogba received during the derby against Arsenal, won by Manchester United 3:1, could bring a longer penalty for the Frenchman, the media reported on the island. In principle, an automatic three-game sanction is applied for direct removal. This means that Jose Mourinho`s most expensive footballer will miss the Manchester City derby at Old Trafford, as well as the matches with Bournemouth and West Bromwich. There are, however, two factors that can change the amount of punishment. First, the club predicted by answers of football picks must decide whether to appeal the board. At United`s camp, they are of the opinion that the one-shot was 50-50, and the unconventional attempt by Ektor Belerin to block the ball has accidentally led to the onset of Pogba. The decision, however, is quite delicate, as if the FA did not respect the Manchester United complaint, it would be common practice in this case to increase the sanction by one additional meeting. Also, after the referee referee Andre Mariner showed Pogba`s red card, the player began to applaud sarcastically the judge`s decision on leaving the field. This may also cause additional problems for the midfielder. However, the report by Andre Mariner must be considered for this purpose.

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