Brothers Bol in Lithuania - a disaster that will inevitably happen

football picks Ben Breast was an important part of Wisconsin`s college basketball team between 2010 and 2014, but was not at the right level to play in the NBA. The 183-inch guard went on a well-known route to Europe and played one season in Lithuania where the two most discussed young American players who until recently were amateurs - the Lamelo brothers and La Angelo Boll, will be performing. But Brast spent only a season in the raw Baltic reality and has not played organized basketball since 2015. His only touch with the European game according football partners remains sexy 2014/2015, which he spent in the lineup of Pino from the Lithuanian town Pasvalis. It is for this reason that he is sufficiently aware of the level and lifestyle to comment on the finalized recent transfer of the Bol to the Vitautas team.

The Brothers of Bol in Lithuania is a disaster, which is a matter of time to happen. I spent a year there and it was terrible. This is a photo of the hall in which their team plays. It`s not exactly in their style, Brast wrote in her Twitter account.

I`m not against them. Rather, it is about culture and lifestyle in Lithuania. Anyway, I watch their reality show, and now there will be even more fun for me, Ben added.

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