LeBron James called for a tie in victory over Washington

football picks LeBron James recorded a triple-double at Cleveland`s win with 106:99 against Washington in a regular season match at the National Basketball League of the United States and Canada (NBA).

The King scored 20 points, adding 15 assists and 12 rebounds, but his participation will be remembered with another - he played with a black and a white boot on which was written with large golden letters `EQUALITY`. James recorded his fourth triple-double in the last five games, although in the last quarter he was taken out of play for personal misconduct. Kevin Hove, however, intervened and ended the match with 25 points and nine assists for Cavis who won for the 18th time in 19 games. Bradley Beal scored 27 points for Washington, and John Woll added 15 and won ten rebounds in 32 minutes. This was his third match predicted by football predictions after he missed nine consecutive ones due to a left knee injury.

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