Alexis and City met about 400, 000 a week

football picks Manchester City and Alexis Sanchez have already reached a deal on the conditions against which the Chilean will become a `citizen` player. This will happen in the summer, with Ethihad not making any offers to Arsenal over the January transfer window. Since Alexis will arrive in Manchester City as a freelance agent, he will get a big sum for his signature. Mirrone does not mention what size it is, but reveals that the Chilean will become one of the world`s top players. According to the report, he will receive about 400, 000 pounds a week. 325, 000 of them are a basic remuneration, while 75, 000 will be in the form of image rights.

In the summer, City offered an offer of ? 60m for Alexis, but Arsenal refused to sell its star. Now `citizens` are confident they will take the player out of money in the summer. However, it is unclear whether the other candidate for Sanchez-Pari Saint-Germain will not try to confuse these plans with a bid next month.

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