Lucaku and Ibrahimovic in a strained relationship

football picks Tensions in the ranks of Manchester United began to rise after Zlatan Ibrahimovic`s return to play. According to Mirere, the top scorer of the season Rommel Lukaku is in a tight relationship with the Swedes. That`s why he did not celebrate his last two goals for the Red Devils against Bournemouth and West Bromwich. Lukaku took the role of Manchester United`s `nine` after coming from Everton in the summer. The Belgian has so far been a strong player and played in every major match, but is still unhappy that Ibra does not recognize his role as a central striker in the team and has made him act on the flank when they are together on the pitch. Lukaku is angry with Jose Mourinho that he has not made a remark to Ibra, who is famous for his great ego. On his arrival at Old Trafford, the 24-year-old Belgian has shown his respect for Ibrahimovic by personally asking him if he can take his No. 9. In fact, he did not need to ask for his permission, because then the Swede was unconditionally and was not really part of United. However, Lukaku has decided to show respect to the experienced scorer, now being angry that Ibra does not give him the same.

Lukaku`s dissatisfaction begins to negatively affect his form as well. In his first 10 season matches he scored 11 goals, but in the last 10 fights after Ibrahimovic`s return, the Belgian scored only 4 goals. The Belgian is also unhappy with his manager Mino Raiola, who also works with Zlatan. Lukaku believes that the Italian has also stood on the side of Ibra because he has been working with him for a long time. There is also discontent with Paul Pogba. The two were on vacation in California in the summer, but now the Frenchman has a close relationship with Ibrahimovic, who does not like Lukaku. Henrik Mhitarian is also unhappy with Mino Rayolas. He thinks the agent should give him more support at this difficult time, as he did with Paul Pogba, who has criticized his game mentioned by contact with football tipsters last season.

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