Sevilla allowed himself to relax in the southern battle

football picks The team of Sevilla has easily reached the 1/4-Cup finals after a second victory against Cadiz. Tomorrow, Ramon Sanchez Pichuan saw a 2-1 win, bringing the total result by contact with football tipsters of both matches to 4:1. Wesam Ben Jeder (32) and Joaquin Korea (54) were accurate to Vincenzo Montella`s team. In the 85th Alvaro scored for the other Andalusian team, and at the end he could bring a leveling after a visible relaxation in the row of white-reds. The first half of Sanchez Pichuan offered many interesting moments. Seville had the ball, but guests from the more southern part of Andalusia created two or three great goal situations. In the 17th minute, David Baral sent the ball somewhere around the assault after a powerful rainbow jump. In the 25th Traori he was shot alone against the goal keeper but preferred a shot at a nearby corner and did not find the door. In the 32nd hosts came to a goal. Goalkeeper Yanez managed the first shot, but with the addition, Wiesham Ben Yeder sent the ball into the net. In the 45th, the guards saved a well-knocked shot by Ever Banega. The 54th Sevilla scored a second goal and totally despaired their opponent. Joaquin Korea scored his head and made 2:0. In the 71st yellow guards Ruben Yanez made a great double rescue. The rhythm of the meeting fell, and guests, in turn, had the chance to write. In the 85th defense of the hosts underestimated ball forward, Sergio Rico started out and was punished by Alvaro who cunningly dropped the ball over his head - 2:1. Two minutes later, Alvaro overcame Rico, but he did not manage to score a small corner.

Sevilla - Cadiz 2:1 (2:0 in the first match)

1:0 Ben Jeder (32)

2:0 Alvaro (85)

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