Spalets:We lack a character

football picks Inter`s coach Luciano Spaleti has admitted that the team is in a bad period and the players suffer from a lack of confidence. Last night, the Nerazzur made 1:1 to Giuseppe Meazza with Croton and did not win the eighth consecutive match in Serie A.

The situation is not pleasant, but we can not just surrender. We have to work in every workout to find the right decisions. Obviously, we have a problem if we do not play well and we have no victory for so many matches. They were leveling us after an unfortunate ricochet, but we were not precise in the attack, and we lost too much fighting. Few or many, we have a drop in our performance in every aspect, Spatilet was candid.

We are not confident, and some of our major players are not in optimal condition. When the match from football predictions does not develop well, we do not show character to achieve the result. We need to think logically and get back on the right path, `said the naked-man expert.

Brozovitch reacted angrily at the changeover? This is normal. Better than having no reaction. I would not pay too much attention to that, added Spallets.

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