An English club passes into the hands of a Saudi prince

football picks Sheffield owner Kevin McCabe has agreed to sell the rest of the Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Mossadad Abdulaziz al-Saud`s club. In August 2013, Prince Abdullah bought 50 percent of McCabe`s shares, and now his ambition is to take full control of the club. Sheffield United confirms that by the end of February, the transfer of the shares held by Blades Leashire Limited Group to His Royal Highness, Prince Abdullah bin Mossad Abdulaziz al Saud, will be transferred to the full control of the club. Keein McKeeb`s transfer to the prince will not affect the people working in the club from new client for football picks in any way, says Sheffield United last year from League 1 in the Championship division, and after the strong start and opportunities forpromotion toin the Premier League, is now in 8th place in the second level of English football.

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