And that did not stop LeBron

football picks Cleveland`s Superstar Cavaliers LeBron James received a knee injury at the start of the Cavaliers match with Boston Celtics last night. In the middle of the first quarter of the TDI Garden match in Boston, 33-year-old Wing attempted a break into the opponent`s basket and caught on the right knee after a collision with the Celts center Aaron Bains. LeBron was replaced as he was obviously in pain, but it seems to be all right with him as he returned to play in the second quarter and finished the match with 24 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds. Cleveland won with 121:99. LeBron did not appear in a game in the final according football live video quarter when the game was already resolved, but is expected to be in line for a fight with Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday. Bains is a big boy. It must be in Game of Thrones. He and Stephen Adams (the center of Thunder) against whom I`m going to play, James said after the end of the Boston match.

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