Types of Football bets and tips

football picks From the first preseason match to the hosting of the trophy, nothing captures the attention of sports bettors worldwide more than football.
Sports books hire extra staff just for the football season – many of them stay open 24 hours each day during weekends when there are games playing. They draw everyone from hardcore sports bettors to other casual sports fans who annually try to take a shot at betting on sports games.
If you are the latter, there are many things that you should know before you try and bet on a team of your choice. The most important thing to know is the different types of bets that you can place on games.
Here are some of the types of football bets that you can place.

Straight bet
Amid the types of bets that you can place, all fancy and different, the straight bet also has great value. You should know and try this bet many times before moving on to learning any others and you should know that people who use betting as job or to achieve profit from football predictions, use straight stakes almost exclusively rather than the fancy bets that other people place on matches.
The straight bet payment is simple. It plays 11/10 and you use one by simply select a team, also known as part or the over/under points in a football match, also known as the total. So, if you bet 65 and you win, you win 60, you can also bet 120, to win 120 and so on.
It is a very easy and reliable way to win that is used by many professional gamblers.

These might be one of the most popular bets out there among novice and amateur bettors. This might be because of the promising lure of having a small bet, while having a potentially big payoff. However, this type of betting is usually useless.
The potential of the bets may look tempting, however parlays involve wagering on two or more matches at once by following the bookies payout scale which could be found in odds comparison websites. Each game on a parlay must win for the bet to be a winner.
Your chances of winning are different the more teams you add so while some sport books will let you have as many teams as you want, the chances of winning those isn’t as big. You are much better off placing parlays on two teams exclusively than many more.

Teaser bets
The teaser is named that way, because it too seems tempting, however the teaser bet takes(loss) or gives(win) away extra points from the team you back, so it is also somewhat useless and not so profitable.
There are some good points from teaser bets if you know where and how to find them. The six point teaser is very effective in the NFL, however it is not as effective in the football betting systems and tips in Europe.

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